Revolutionary protection products for your auto buyers and borrowers.

Offer the only products on the market that can grow your product penetration and provide an extraordinary benefit for a replacement vehicle upon total loss or unrecovered theft.

Shortfall Cover products are changing the game for dealers and lenders alike.

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The auto industry has changed drastically in the past 10 years. Depreciation rates have skyrocketed, while vehicle prices and loan amounts have ballooned. More and more vehicles are being considered a total loss with repair expenses outweighing the vehicle value in almost 18% of new vehicle purchases within 5 years of purchase.


Traditional F&I products have addressed the outstanding loan balance, but what about the amount that the buyer/borrower has already paid out of pocket? Between their down payment, payments to date, and any trade in equity, when it comes time to replace a vehicle considered a total loss, the insurance settlement and GAP benefit rarely makes them whole.


We recognized the need for a better way to protect the consumer as well as provide a lasting loyalty benefit to bring them back to your dealership or financial institution for their replacement vehicle purchase or loan. And the numbers speak for themselves…