Depreciation Coverage

PowerBuy is the revolutionary depreciation product that finally delivers the protection that customers need to offset rapidly increasing vehicle depreciation and loss ratios. PowerBuy protects the customer's investment and builds loyalty to the dealer.

The difference between GAP and PowerBuy


GAP Coverage

GAP Coverage may pay off an outstanding loan balance, but the consumer usually has additional out-of-pocket costs for payments made, as well as any down payment on a replacement vehicle.


Provides the consumer the benefit of a down payment on a replacement vehicle following a total loss, but because the benefit may only be used at the original dealership or dealer group, it creates loyalty between dealer and customer.

PowerBuy is Designed to:

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Add profit and increase closing ratios for each vehicle sold with PowerBuy while providing a strong incentive toward repeat purchases. Offer your customer a down payment toward a replacement vehicle that no other dealer can.

Provide Exceptional Coverage

Offer a product that can be sold on financed or cash purchases, and provides a benefit that puts your customer in a stronger buying position on their replacement vehicle purchase.

Complement GAP Programs

PowerBuy can be coupled with GAP coverage to provide your customer complete coverage on their vehicle investment. GAP covers their loan balance while PowerBuy covers out of pocket payments and provides a down payment toward their replacement vehicle purchase or lease.

Features & Benefits

Pays the difference between the original vehicle purchase price and the primary insurance carrier settlement payment.

Helps protect the customer's investment by reimbursing for depreciation experienced in the event of a total vehicle loss.

Maximum Depreciation Benefit up to $10,000, depending on the level of coverage chosen. Up to 60 months of coverage.


up to $10,000 Covered

Who We Are

PowerBuy is backed by SWBC, Security Service Federal Credit Union, and Shortfall Cover, LLC.

What can PowerBuy do for your customers?

All vehicles start to depreciate the moment they are driven off the lot…

If your customer's vehicle is totaled or stolen, their primary insurance carrier will only reimburse for the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss. This payout may not cover the entire vehicle investment, including any down payment made at the time of purchase, or monthly payments made to that point in time.

PowerBuy Depreciation Program can Protect their Investment.

Protect your customer by adding a benefit amount of up to $3,500, $6,000, or $10,000 in depreciation coverage, depending on dealer offer. Coverage is available for up to 60 months when returning to the original selling dealership or auto group to purchase a replacement vehicle.

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